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Discover stories from across the broad spectrum of the American experience in the celebrated ANB Online, a digitally integrative compendium of over 19,000 biographies encompassing the pioneers, influencers, and unsung heroes who have shaped history and culture.

Offering rich biographical entries and numerous illustrations and images, ANB paints vivid portraits of the figures that have shaped American history. Through a partnership with the Smithsonian, ANB Online also features nearly 100 paintings from the National Portrait Gallery to supplement its robust visual archive.

ANB is cross-searchable with over 900 articles from The Oxford Companion to United States History, and hosts more than 80,000 links to relevant online archives and libraries. Featuring editorially-curated pathways to further inquiry, ANB is an accessible gateway to advanced scholarship, and a comprehensive suite for trustworthy American historical research.

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  • Quick and easy access to over 19,000 biographies of the individuals who have shaped American history, edited by a board of renowned experts
  • Intuitive search and browse options — navigate seamlessly through content with quick and advanced search by name, birth date, occupation, and more
  • ‚ÄčThemed research guides provide students with editorially curated article lists on subjects such as American Literature and the Civil Rights Movement
  • Over 80,000 cross-references within articles link to relevant online archives and libraries for expanded inquiry.